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In 2007 Pierre Jansen and Henrie Slabbert established trucker family®, a South African based transport and broker company.

Pierre Jansen, a practicing attorney for 27 years in Pretoria, South Africa decided to join forces with Henrie Slabbert, the Chief Information Officer of Edcon - previously employed by ABSA Bank South Africa. Their aim was to start a small time transport and broker company that fulfills the need of fast and effecient transport in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Welcome to trucker family®.

We hope that you will find ALL your transport needs fulfilled and queries or questions answered. Do not hesitate to contact us, we aim to please!

Please browse our website to learn more of our services rendered and to get a more indept view on our fleet, our crew, the countries we cover, our actions against criminal acts, quotations on freights, and our permanent staff members.

Support trucker family® in achieving their goal: creating jobs, providing fast and effecient transport to all needs, eradicating criminal acts in the transport business and establishing community development.

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trucker family is set to fullfill all your transport needs as effeciently as possible, transporting goods inland as well as to all sub-saharan countries.