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Statement of purpose of pure living christian centre


It is our belief that there is a behavioral problem in our country, in our churches and in people’s lives which can be prevented and cured. In the secular counseling field the fight has all but been given up and behavioral deviance, which includes life dominating sins, (homosexuality, chronic laziness, occult practices and chemical abuse), are accepted as a chronic and in some instances a terminal illness. A feeling of futility is experienced by the victims and their families.

As the enemy is coming as a flood, the Lord is raising the standard in the Biblical regeneration and counseling field and we stand in anticipation to see the deliverance that the Lord is going to accomplish in the prevention, recovery and aftercare – the regeneration field under the youth.

For this to become a reality, a concerted effort is needed in the battle against behavioral problems and life dominating sins. Areas where serious intervention are needed is: the adolescent, youth, serious afflicted, and persons who have completed a period in a correctional facility.

The primary mission of Pure Living Christian Centre will be to provide a much needed facility for the regeneration/recovery of the residents in South Africa. The emphasis will be on establishing a therapeutic and educational environment that promotes family reunification, and the empowerment of the individual based on Biblical principles.

Pure Living Christian Center will aim to provide assistance in all aspects of the fight against life dominating sin and behavioral problems. A major problem already exists and is still on the increase in the Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga areas.

The behavior modification model to be implemented at the centers is a holistic approach exclusively based on the Bible as the infallible and inerrant Word of God.