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mission statement of pure living christian centre


Pure Living Christian Centre aims to confront all behavioral deviancies and life dominating sins effectively and excitingly in a unique Biblical way.

Our mission is to bring about a positive change in the lives of people, empowering them to confront situational difficulties in their own lies biblically. Due to the destructive nature people find themselves in we strife to:

  • Bring about an optimum change, an optimistic and positive attitude and help in order to develop a sense of strategy and accountability within the resident’s life.

  • Provide a safe, fast and effective detoxification program from all substances.

  • Complement existing recovery programs as well as the correctional services of the country.

  • Complement existing recovery programs.

  • Commit to deliver on promises made to our clients and business partners.

  • Promote the practical application of the Word of God in turning life's crises into opportunities as a spring board for change.

  • Establish a successful primary - and secondary care reintegration program fulfilling each individual need as far as possible.

  • Obtain a positive result through enthusiasm and dedication.

  • Make every moment of the client relationship a focused and disciplined one to obtain maximum outcome.

  • Foster trust by being reliable, competent and trustworthy.

  • Build relationships through open and honest communication.