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The basis of this exclusive model is that “People do what they do, because they believe what they believe”. The core of this model is to recognize disbelieves and lies while actively and successfully reinstating the truth. Altering core beliefs is the groundwork on which the transformation process for behavior alteration is build.

In His Word, God has made known to us everything we need to approach life in a manner that edifies and pleases Him. Biblical counseling is found upon the biblical teaching “Rom 14:12: So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.”(NKJV) Although believers in Christ won’t be condemned by their sin(s), as non-believers, there still are consequences for sin(s). When learning to assume accountability and responsibility for your own behavior and activities, it is required that a counselee understands the divergence between his old life with its lusts and deception and to begin to act in a way that reflects the new Christ like character God has given him.

Any alterations that a counselee undergoes must be done in a manner pleasing God and not to gratify himself or to please his parents, his spouse, or anyone else. Biblical counseling is based upon these fundamental presuppositions which have been established by years of application, scrutiny, and witnessing.

In every counseling session four elements are emphasized:

    • Understanding and accepting the problem: Gaining God's viewpoint on any complexity is important for those concerned in solving troubles biblically.

    • Hope: The Bible promises that God will not let you be tried or tempted or face any difficulty beyond your endurance/fortitude.

    • Change: You must be trained how to put aside the old egotistical habits and disparaging thoughts (such as bitterness, nervousness, animosity, anger and resentment).

    • Practice: You are required to take the bull by the horns and put God's resolution into practice in your daily activities. If you pay attention to the Word of God and do not carry it out, you swindle yourself and your troubles become worry.

Trials and tribulations are a part of life, but God has a plan and purpose for all of them. Regardless of the difficulties that arise God promise that a believer in Christ can overcome every instance/situation as he/she responds in submission to God's Word.

In today's world there is a serious need in the Body of Christ to go back to the exclusive use of God's Word in overcoming individual, sensitive troubles and counseling others to do equally in their difficulties.

The VICTORY OVER SIN PLAN is a bible-based self-counseling instrument, developed by Mr. Adam Pulaski, that can help you apply God's Word in the power of the Holy Spirit so that you may triumph over any difficulty of life with the full anticipation of complete and permanent victory.

This SELF - CONFRONTATION COURSE is intended to guide you through a personal life application learning of God's Word using the lessons and worksheets. It presents biblical morals and principles that are essential to living the sort of victorious, successful, content life God planned for you, in spite of the state of affairs.

Merely through applying God's values will you be able to expect lasting change. As you obey the biblical principles written in your VICTORY OVER SIN PLAN, you will develop Christ like temperament and character in your life. The changes will be lasting and significant, and you will be a faithful, fruitful vessel in God's hands.

The lessons start with a clarification of why you ought to develop a written plan. Then, it describes the material, the purposes of the plan, and foundations for biblical change, biblical hope for change, and the process for putting the plan together.

The VICTORY OVER SIN PLAN is not just a "one time exercise", but is a prearranged, biblical approach that you can use to deal with tests, temptations, and sin all through your life. You can also use it in helping others with their troubles.