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The situational difficulties that people face are not the cause of their problems in life, but the context in which their hearts are revealed and faith and obedience are purified.

Behavioral deviancies resulting in crime, drug addiction, prostitution, divorce and teen pregnancy are at an all-time high. Never before has there been a greater need for a behavioral modification and a successful recovery regime.

The problem is universal, crossing all boundaries; cultural, geographical, educational and sexual, naming only but a few. Pure Living Christian Centre was born out of a pure need created by society, filtering through every aspect of life, touching everybody, young and old alike.


As part of Pure Living Christian Centre's' intervention/reintegration we established a marketing opportunity with the REALITY CHECK campaign in association with AMSTIZEST NPC for people that are interested in a job opportunity. This is an open opportunity where NEW CREATIONS IN CHRIST can help with cold call marketing and fundraising for people still caught in the cycle of behavioral deviancies.

These participants get the chance to travel across South Africa, speak at churches and schools as well as distributing anti-drug material. This also suits as an opportunity for people to get into the corporate world again and start earning some money on a respectable way.

Pure Living Christian Centre under supervision of Pastor Auret Jansen and Pierre Jansen operates as a platform of change, transformation and empowerment through training -, equipping -, enabling residents to identify problem areas in their lives and learning how to rectify it through the application of belief therapy and biblical counseling, founded and established on the Word of God.

This includes but is not limited to SUBSTANCE DEPENDENCE, DEPRESSION, REBELLION, ALCOHOLISM etc. This is done by teaching residents to apply Biblical Principals to their life and to live life to their full potential in Christ.